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Our Story.

A typical Scandinavian heat pack is unscented, made from plain linen and grain. Named 'Vetekudde' in Swedish it is a household item, valued for its multifunctional qualities and ability to provide natural pain relief.

Lo drew inspiration from her upbringing in Sweden and the natural remedies of her childhood when creating the first set of wheat bags for Blästa Henriët.

Our wheat bags and eye pillows are available to purchase from our online shop and in a selection of stores around the UK, Europe and the US.

We will continue to add to our collection of made to last objects, making sure each item withstands the test of time - without compromising on functionality, quality materials and aesthetics. 

About Lo.

Lo Blästa Henriët has a background in textile design and print and grew up in Sweden with artistic parents, many siblings and much love.

She is based in London and work from her studio in Kennington to create useful and beautiful objects made from natural materials.

Lo founded Blästa Henriët in 2017.

The process.

Our Wheat Bags and Eye Pillows are hand finished from our studio in South East London. 

We manufacture in Britain and maintain a short supply chain, this means we can easily oversee production and at the same time minimise our carbon footprint.

We are careful of whom we choose to work with and always get to know our suppliers. The materials we use are all raw or natural, and certified free from chemicals and harmful dyes.

We work with European linen flax, which requires no irrigation or pesticides and very little water to grow. The process of producing linen fabric is naturally very sustainable.

The cotton is unbleached, untreated and free from harmful dyes. Our wheat is grown and harvested in the UK. All printing is done with eco-friendly inks by MagnaColours®. All packaging is FSC certified and 100% recyclable.

Read more about the materials we use here.


The Name - Blästa Henriët combine Lo’s Swedish and Dutch roots, bringing two family names and their creative history together.