Our supply chain and sustainability standards

July 15, 2019

rotary printing on linen

When we started Blästa Henriët in London we made a pledge to manufacture in the UK. We think it's important to support local trade and British craftsmanship and are proud to say we continue to do so. This also means we can easily oversee production methods whilst minimizing our carbon footprint. 

We maintain a close relationship with our suppliers and stay informed on how they work, who they work with and how our products are made before we add the finishing touch from our studio in London. 

Sourcing materials

Our partner's factory in Swindon supply the materials for the inner wheat bag and eye pillow. They use an unbleached and untreated cotton calico and local Cotswold wheat.

Our unbleached European flax linen is sourced directly from the mill in Belarus, this is the fabric we use the most. We also source woven linen directly from the oldest running linen mill in Lithuania. All fabrics are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®

wheat field

Cotswold Wheat

Our manufacturers

We currently work with a total of four manufacturers, all based in the UK.

  • A textile manufacturer based in Swindon. They make all our inner wheat bags and eye pillows. They also stitch together our removable covers.
  • A print workshop in Leek. They print on our unbleached linen by the metre using rotary printing and UK made MagnaColours® ink.
  • A label maker based in Plymouth. They print our cotton labels with instructions on how to use and care for our products.
  • A packaging manufacturer in Surrey. They cut and print our product packaging using recycled material. All packaging is FSC certified and 100% recyclable.

women sewing blasta henriet wheat bags


Packaging and Shipping

We assemble and quality check each product before it leaves our studio.

Our deliveries are plastic free and we use recycled materials where possible. We most often use the services of Royal Mail who have reduced their carbon emission by 29% since 2005 and DPD who make every parcel they deliver carbon neutral.


recycled blasta henriet packaging

Recycled packaging

We are constantly looking for new ways to reduce our environmental footprint and improve the sustainability of both our products and processes. Feedback from partners and customers is very important for us as we aim for ever higher standards.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions on how we can improve please contact us via email, info@blastahenriet.com

blasta henriet linen fabric

Blästa Henriët Printing

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