The benefits of a Wheat Pillow

March 05, 2020

wheat pillow in boxes from Blasta Henriet

The Wheat Pillow is a wonderful and natural way to ease aches and pains. If you’re not convinced then read on to discover how a wheat heat pack can really benefit you.

We have a saying in Swedish; ‘kärt barn har många namn’ (a dear child has many names) - meaning that something popular often has a lot of nicknames.

The wheat pillow is one of those, it has many names. Heat pack, microwave hottie, bean bag, wheat bag and so on.

It is not a new invention. In fact it’s as old as…who knows? But it’s safe to say we’ve been using them for yonks.

So what’s so good about a wheat pillow? I hear you ask.

First off - it is a completely natural way to ease aches and pains. Whether it’s a sore neck from hours hunched over a laptop, chronic lower back pain, period cramps or stiffness in joints - the wheat pillows will offer soothing deep heat or relaxing cool. 

wheat pillow relieving neck pain

That’s right, you can use it both hot and cold.

Hot and cold therapy is one of the most efficient ways of dealing with pain, and there are many products out there offering to help. These products are often made with chemical filling, plastic materials and are single use. The wheat pillows can be reused and some (like these) can be washed and scented too.

Secondly, why use a hot water bottle when you can use a heat pack instead? It’s literally a warm cuddly hug and no need to mess around with boiling water or leaking lids. The grain filling shapes to your body and offers relief just where you need it - bliss!

Have you thought of using of a wheat pillow in these ways?

Besides dealing with your sore back and keeping you warm, the wheat pillow can be used in other areas that you might not have thought of.

If you are pregnant, recently had a baby or breastfeeding the wheat pillow can help with ligament or pelvic girdle pain, to warm your little ones cot or pram prior to placing baby down, and as a warm compress on engorged breasts to help with the milk flow.

Suffering from headaches, migraines or ear aches a lot? Try a warm wheat pillow to soothe and ease tension. Go for an unscented wheat pillow if you are sensitive to smells or would like to add your own scent.

Try implementing a wheat pillow next time you give someone a massage and they will love you forever. The gentle heat will warm up the muscles and prepare them for that deep tissue massage to really work wonders.

For move tips on how to best use the wheat pillow, have a look at our earlier post where we list different areas of use for the wheat bag.

wheat pillow used by pregnant woman

The wheat pillow in a nutshell.

The concept of a wheat pillow is not complicated, you can easily make one yourself. Just stuff a bit of grain or rice in an old sock for example and et voilà!
The downside to this is it won’t last very long and well, it’s an old sock.

Quality matters.

You can easily purchase a cheap wheat hottie online, many shops are selling them suspiciously cheap. They are cheap because they won’t last long. They are often of poor quality and made from cheap synthetic materials stuffed with chemicals, plus you can’t wash them.

Unless you’re savvy on a sewing machine and have access to high quality materials I recommend investing in a wheat pillow that will truly last.

The Blästa Henriët Wheat pillow is made from 100% linen which is the toughest and most sustainable fibre around, plus you can wash the cover and keep it fresh. The inner bag is divided into sections which means the wheat stays in place and won’t gather in an uncomfortable bulk. Oh and you can heat it in the oven too! Yep, as it’s made from all natural materials that have not been treated with chemicals it’s perfectly safe to heat it in oven if you happen to be one of many that does not own a microwave.

wheat pillow used for relaxation

A minimal impact on the environment.

And if you like us are mindful about your impact on the environment, choose a wheat pillow that is made from OEKO-tex fabric and comes in plastic free packaging made from recycled waste fibres. Blästa Henriët also make all products in England using local materials, so the carbon footprint is minimised. Read more on our efforts to minimize environmental effects


So to sum up, the wheat pillow is a simple yet effective product that can assist you in many ways and quickly become invaluable without a big price tag or costing the earth. 


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