Why Are Saunas Good For You?

March 14, 2024

Why Are Saunas Good For You?

Saunas often conjure up thoughts of spas and relaxation, and of course that is a big part of it – however it is not the only advantage. The Swedish love a sauna, but this practice has been cherished for centuries for its numerous health benefits and dates back to ancient civilisations such as the Greeks. But why? What are the benefits of using a sauna and how are they good for you?


Today, modern saunas come in various forms, including steam saunas, traditional dry saunas and even infrared saunas. Each of these have the same thing in common: the ability to induce sweating, a process that offers numerous benefits for physical and mental health. Sweating is the body’s natural mechanism for expelling toxins, and the excessive sweating induced by saunas help to flush out impurities through the skin. A full body detox.


One of the primary benefits of saunas is of course relaxation. As the body absorbs heat it allows muscles to relax. This physical reaction to the heat also extends to the mind, releasing endorphins and contributing to stress reduction.

Beyond relaxation, saunas can also help with cardiovascular health. As your body warms up, your blood vessels dilate, helping with circulation. Adding a trip to the sauna to your weekly routine can aid in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, lower blood pressure and provide a relaxing and enjoyable way to look after your heart’s health.


For an added dose of relaxation, you can integrate the use of lavender. Known for its calming and soothing properties, lavender enhances the overall sauna experience. The inhalation of lavender-infused steam can have a profound impact on stress reduction and relaxation. A little-known fact is that lavender possesses antimicrobial properties. This can help create a cleaner environment within a shared sauna.

Incorporating lavender into saunas can be done in several ways. Sometimes saunas have a built-in system for introducing essential oils into the air, while others may require the use of diffusers. You can also use our Lavender Mist to spritz into the air, but always make sure to speak to the facility in charge of the sauna first. Regardless of the method, the aim is to harness the aromatic power of lavender to enhance your sauna experience.


So, what are you waiting for? Grab your towel and head to your nearest sauna today!