Travel: 10 Must-Visit Natural Wonders In Sweden

August 17, 2023

Travel: 10 Must-Visit Natural Wonders In Sweden

We are big believers in the importance of self-care and the healing ability of nature. The benefits of getting out into the great outdoors are numerous and can do wonders for your overall wellbeing. With our roots planted firmly in Sweden, it is only natural that we would want to share the love for our Motherland. Sweden has a lot of offer, but it’s natural wonders are unparalleled and offer a glimpse into the country’s diverse and awe-inspiring landscapes. It is a paradise for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, so if you are looking to recharge in the great outdoors, why not explore Sweden’s 10 must-visit natural wonders?

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1. Stockholm Archipelago

With over 30,000 islands, the Stockholm Archipelago is a breathtaking natural wonder. Exploring the islands by boat or kayak is our favourite way to enjoy the picturesque landscapes, rocky shores, and tranquil waters.


2. The Coral Cave in Jämtland

Step into the Coral Cave by Lake Stora Blåsjön and you can expect to crawl through narrow passages and wander in great cavernous halls. It’s taken thousands of years for the water to erode the limestone-rich rock, but it wasn’t until 1985 that the cave was discovered by humans. Several new passages have been found throughout the years, and today this six-kilometres-long natural wonder is considered the longest cave in Sweden. The name comes from the stalactite-covered ceiling, reminiscent of corals.

The cave is only accessible through guided tours during the summer months. To top it off, end the excursion by taking a refreshing bath in the waterfall at the cave entrance. Don’t forget your towel!

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3. Kosterhavet National Park

Sweden's first marine national park, Kosterhavet, is a stunning coastal area that encompasses a wide range of marine habitats. It offers crystal-clear waters, vibrant coral reefs, and a diverse array of marine life.


4. Sarek National Park

Situated in the Lapland region, Sarek National Park is one of Europe's last true wilderness areas. It features towering mountains, glaciers, deep valleys, and wild rivers, offering extraordinary hiking and mountaineering opportunities. 


5. Gotland's Fårö Island

Fårö, an island located in the Baltic Sea, is known for its unique natural beauty. With its rugged coastline, limestone formations, and iconic Raukar (sea stacks), it's a haven for nature enthusiasts and photographers.


6. High Coast (Höga Kusten)

The High Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is characterised by its dramatic land uplift. The area showcases stunning cliffs, picturesque fishing villages, and beautiful forests, making it a remarkable natural wonder.


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7. Abisko National Park

Nestled in Swedish Lapland, Abisko National Park is renowned for its pristine wilderness. It boasts the breathtaking Abisko Canyon, numerous hiking trails, and an abundance of wildlife, including reindeer and Arctic foxes.


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8. Lake Siljan

Located in the heart of Dalarna, Lake Siljan is Sweden's sixth-largest lake and an enchanting natural wonder. Surrounded by picturesque landscapes, forests, and charming villages, it offers opportunities for swimming, boating, and relaxation.


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9. Stora Sjöfallet National Park

Also situated in Swedish Lapland, Stora Sjöfallet National Park is known for its dramatic waterfalls, vast wilderness, and rugged mountains. It provides a magnificent backdrop for outdoor activities like hiking and wildlife spotting.


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10. The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)

We couldn’t compile a list of natural wonders without including The Northern Lights. Sweden's northernmost regions, such as Abisko National Park and Kiruna, offer incredible opportunities to witness the mesmerising light display of the Northern Lights during the winter months.

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