Soothing Benefits of Lavender

February 07, 2024

Soothing Benefits of Lavender

In the world of natural remedies, lavender stands out for its myriad of benefits. Besides its intoxicating aroma, lavender boasts many soothing and stress relieving properties that have been utilised for centuries. Improving sleep, encouraging relaxation and heightening your mood, the oil extracted from Lavender is used in various wellness practices - including our Lavender Mist. We have harnessed the power of lavender by incorporating it into a mist that can be spritzed onto wheat bags and freshly laundered linen, creating a therapeutic environment that targets both physical and mental wellbeing. But why use lavender mist on a wheat bag?


Cherished for its calming effects, the scent of lavender is believed to reduce anxiety and stress, making it a popular choice for aromatherapy. This calming influence extends beyond the psychological realm and is renowned for its potential to ease physical discomfort. We believe that there is a link between physical and mental wellbeing that shouldn’t be ignored. The combination of a wheat bag scented with lavender offers a holistic approach to relaxation as well as utilising targeted natural pain relief using heat. The heat from the wheat bag or eye pillow warms the lavender oil, releasing a soothing scent and creating a remedial experience that targets stiff muscles and mental stress – perfect for headaches!


Tip: Headache? Place a warm Eye Pillow spritzed with Lavender Mist onto a sore forehead to ease muscle tension, promote circulation and soothe the mind.

The warmth generated by the wheat bag helps to relax tight muscles, making it an ideal solution for individuals dealing with stiffness or discomfort. Whether used on the shoulders, neck, or lower back, the combination of heat and lavender contributes to a deeper sense of relaxation.


It's difficult to discuss the soothing benefits of lavender without mentioning the association with improved sleep quality. Incorporating lavender-infused wheat bags into a bedtime routine can assist in creating a peaceful atmosphere conducive to restful sleep.

From alleviating muscle tension to boosting sleep and relaxation, lavender is an ancient remedy that draws on the wisdom of natural healing. The lavender spritzed wheat bag provides a plethora of health benefits, offering a soothing solution for the stresses of modern life.