Real People: Artist Gabi from Ateliers Zen

April 13, 2023

Real People: Artist Gabi from Ateliers Zen

We spoke to kindred spirit and creative soul Gabi, from Ateliers Zen to discover more about her artistic, healing and spiritual journey as she strives to help others live happier lives. We also discover how our wheat bags have become a staple in helping her manage chronic pain.

Originally working in fashion, design and lifestyle, Gabi decided to live a sustainable and holistic life and became an intuitive dancer and a meditation teacher. As she journeyed further along the creative path, her art became more therapeutic as she began to experience chronic pain throughout her body. She now channels her energy into Ateliers Zen, creating soulful branding, art prints and poetic photography.

You can follow Gabi on Instagram here: @by_michelegabrielle

and you can discover her beautiful work here:  


Blasta Henriet Navy Creatures Wheat Bag


As the founder of Ateliers Zen, what inspired you to want to help others balance their energy and live happier lives?

During my healing journey, and as an intuitive and hyper-sensitive person, I have been developing "self-healing" tools and gathering inner and ancient wisdom that I felt I could share with other women.

My intention was and is still to create a safe and sacred space for "nourishing" other women, guiding them back to themselves, back to their hearts.

Finding peace and living a slow life in harmony with our bodies, souls as well as Mother Nature is not an easy task today in our World!


What do you love the most about the work you are doing?

I love when I can help other women feel better and more connected to themselves. I see myself as a multi-faceted woman, that shares her gifts to the world.

I do not see "work" as "work", but more me "creating" through the universe. Whether I paint, write, facilitate women's circles or guide sustainable solo-preneurs and lifestyle brands, I always do it from my heart space; I try to be intentionally present, real and authentic in everything I do.  

 Gabi from Ateliers Zen

Where in the world do you feel fully alive, fulfilled and energised?

As I am sensitive, I often must retreat and recharge. Connecting with Nature is crucial for me.

I also love to get inspired; as I grew up in a big French town, I am used to city vibes, and still like to visit museums, see arts and travel.

I feel fulfilled when I am aligned with my mission, when I am with my children and my husband, but most important of all, when I take care of my body and my soul, and bring self-love to my being. Some of the my "self-love" tools are tapping, meditation, massages with essential oils, putting your wheat bag on my shoulders, warm baths etc.


Do you have a special place where you can go whenever you're feeling depleted?

I am lucky to live in a little Danish city by the sea and the forest, so I often go for walks at the beach and in the woods, I have there some "secret" spots that I cherish and where I can meditate.

Blästa Henriēt Wheat Bag to help chronic pain

When did you first come across our products?

I first saw your beautiful brand on Instagram, and it deeply resonated within me. 

You suffer from chronic pain. How does this impact your life and your ability to do the things you love?

I have been suffering from chronic pain and fibromyalgia for a couple of years now. It came over time, and it has been very painful for me to experience so much pain in my body. As a former dancer, "career-woman", and yoga teacher, I must admit that it has been a challenge for me to surrender to a completely new slow lifestyle and some physical limitations. I cannot teach yoga anymore, sometimes I barely can carry bags from the grocery store. I must often re-schedule activities and wait till I am feeling well again. It goes up and down, some periods are better than others. That said, I still do the things I love, I have a daily dialogue with my body, and I often know what she needs. 

Arts and healing myself have a very special place in my heart as they give me hope and strength. 


How does our Wheat Bag help with your chronic shoulder and neck pain?

The wheat bag has a relaxing effect on me-  I like to warm it in my oven. I use the wheat bag several times a week, mostly on my shoulders. Your products are wonderful, they are designed in a very conscious and beautiful way!


Would you recommend using a Wheat Bag to others?

I would definitely recommend it to anyone!

Navy Wheat Bag