Real People: Artist Emilie Van Camp

September 26, 2022

Real People: Artist Emilie Van Camp

We recently connected with our customer and London based artist, Emilie Van Camp to ask her how our products benefit her in her day to day life. We also explored her work as an artist, how she finds creativity and what makes art such an important process to her. 

Iya Gallery's ink and watercolour artworks reflect a meditative flow state of mind that incites reflection and deeper connections with one's emotions and energy.

This slow creative process allows Emilie to find calmness and serenity within herself that she hopes will transpire onto each of her pieces.

Art can be so powerful, it can make us feel at home, safe, inspired, connected - with ourselves and others - it can also help ground oneself into the present moment, or make one's mind temporarily escape somewhere else.

Emilie uses either payne's grey or indigo watercolours and black ink for her work.


Emilie Van Camp


You can follow Emilie on instagram here: @emilievancamp and you can enjoy more of her work via her website here:

    •  As an artist, what helps to give you inspiration for your watercolour and ink artworks?

    The whole process is very intuitive for me, so the smallest thing can become a source of inspiration as it would lead to certain emotions or thoughts. A walk in the park, a sentence read in a book, a picture, a silent moment, a memory…


    • When did you first decide to follow your love of art?
    I guess art has always been a part of my life, from my childhood through to my college years. Yet I wasn’t encouraged to follow an artistic path during my university studies, so I had lost touch with it for a while. I then tried various mediums, but it was only when I started experimenting with watercolour for the first time and a trip to Japan in 2017 that I knew I had found the right one. I decided to create Iya Gallery and never stopped since.
    Iya Gallery
    • From all of your works, do you have one that you hold close to your heart and why is this particular piece so meaningful?

    It is hard to say, as the more I create new favourites appear – but if I had to choose one it would be this one:


    Emilie Van Camp Favourite Artwork


    Image Credit: Christina Thaisen

    It is part of the first watercolour pieces I ever made and the one that really gave me the feeling that it was right, that painting was what I needed in my life and that I needed to pursue it. It then quickly became the bestselling print piece. The original is framed at home and will always stay with me. 


    •  What feelings come to the surface when you are creating?

    Each brush stroke reflects my state of mind, and each movement becomes a meditative gesture, so it is all very slow and as mentioned earlier it is very intuitive… nothing is rushed and nothing is controlled. I create in series, so I never just make one piece, it is a continuous flow of emotions and thoughts, or sometimes lack of them as I try to let go of some. So, it does vary but it always
    feels very personal and very much in the present moment.


    • Do you use our products? If so, what first drew you to them and how have they benefited you?

    Yes, I do, I have a few products in the beautiful printed navy creatures design. I was very much drawn to them by a few different aspects of the brand and products. I love anything to do with self-care and natural remedies, beautiful design and texture, and respect for the environment. I first bought the large wash bag to not only use during my travels, but also as a lovely product I could have on display in my bathroom to hold my creams, facial oils and aromatherapy roll-ons.

    Large wash bag

    I then bought together the eye pillow and wheat bag when I started taking Yin Yoga classes to support myself with some chronic pain I am suffering from. I sometimes warm them or simply use them as they are to have a ‘gentle weight/touch’ on the areas that cause me discomfort.


    Wheat Bag and Eye Pillow


    • Do you have any advice for anyone who would like to try our products?

    Treat yourself, you deserve it! They are beautifully made, with considered design and materials, plus they help support our wellbeing. You can use them in versatile ways either freeze them or warm them and apply them on any part of the body you need support with.


    • Do you have any advice for anyone who is seeking out a way to bring more creativity into their life?

    Just to do! Trust your instinct, your feelings, start somewhere and just don’t overthink it… Pick up that camera, that brush, that pen, buy some clay, anything that you feel drawn to, just give it go, be open and be kind to yourself while you are doing it.


    Wheat Bag & Eye Pillow