Mother’s Day Gift List

February 23, 2024

Mother’s Day Gift List

As mummy’s ourselves, we have a greater appreciation for the support, sacrifice and love that we received from our own mothers. Being a mum means more than having given birth to a child; it’s loving them before even seeing them, it’s sleepless nights, it’s nurturing their dreams. It’s going without so they don’t have to. It’s being ever present and teaching them as much as they teach us. It is unconditional love and an unspoken bond. So, show your appreciation to your own this Mother’s Day with our list of carefully curated gifts, from heartfelt treasures to self-care treats.

Lunae Sun Face Signet Ring – Studio Rua

Born out of a combined love of jewellery, ancient cultures and traditional craftsmanship, Studio Rua creates classic ‘go-to’ pieces that embody these elements. Picking just one piece is a challenge, but we think that the bronze Lunae Sun Face Signet Ring is a perfect choice for Mother’s Day. The sun represents the self, creativity and the never-ending circle of life.  


Mint & Rosemary Organic Salt Bar – Grace & Blume

Grace and Blumë formulates award-winning, plant-based skincare, carefully crafted from natural ingredients, to nurture women’s skin and care for the beautiful planet we share. Everything they do is sustainable - from organic-certified ingredients and recyclable packaging, to their charitable projects supporting conservation and female empowerment. We particularly love the Mint & Rosemary organic salt bar. The uplifting scents of peppermint & rosemary combined with French green clay, sea salt and pink Himalayan salt are the perfect way to start the day. Each salt bar is lovingly handcrafted, and a tree is planted for every order placed – not only are you making a mummy very happy, you’re also supporting a small independent business and giving back to the planet at the same time!


South Down Contemporary Trug – Thomas Smith’s Trug Shop

For the enthusiastic gardeners, a beautifully made trug is a real treat. Rob Tuppen has been making trugs for nearly 40 years and the skill and craftsmanship that goes into each and every piece is unparalleled. Handmade from European and Scandinavian birch ply, the South Down Contemporary trugs are useful for carrying absolutely anything from flowers to vegetables.


Herringbone Wash Bag – Blästa Henriët

Our handy wash bags are a must-have addition to any bathroom cabinet, overnight travel bag or dressing table. Made entirely from European linen and printed with water-based ink, they are not only useful and beautiful, but sustainable too.


photo credit: @hellominibianco

Oh Honey Silhouettes

If you are looking for a special and thoughtful gift this Mother’s Day, then anything from Oh Honey Silhouettes is ideal. They offer precious silhouettes that capture the littlest details – because they’re only young once. You must be quick though – they offer limited drops. From embroidery to handmade paper and lockets to digital downloads, these timeless silhouettes make the sweetest gifts. Their Mother’s Day drop is in April so make sure to follow them on Instagram and sign up to their mailing list to be in the know.


Ela Serving Plate – Casa de Folklore

Sometimes the best gifts are those that you would never buy yourselves, but always wish someone would buy you – silly but true. We feel this way about the beautiful ceramics from Casa de Folklore. They offer a unique range of artisanal products, each with a strong identity and practical purpose in the home. Casa de Folklore was founded with the desire to protect skills and Romanian heritage that have been passed down for generations. Each piece is completely unique and tells the story from the raw clay found on the banks of the Siret River, through to the skilled hands of the artisan, then into your home to continue the story. We are very fond of the Ela serving plate and think it would make a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day.


Piknik Check Patchwork Quilt – Projektityyny

Brighten your mum’s day with a fun modern quilt from Projektityyny. This Nordic home textiles brand hones in on longevity and timelessness, making one of their quilt the perfect heirloom gift. Their work is a modern interpretation of age-old textile traditions which the Piknik Check Patchwork Quilt embodies beautifully, with its crinkled double gauge base, small scale check and solid patches.


Icelandic Poppies Bouquet – Natalia Manczak

No Mother’s Day is complete without a beautiful bouquet of flowers, but why not go paper this year instead. Not only are they a pretty memento of the day, but they bring the joy of Spring into your home all year long. They are also perfect if your mum suffers from allergies. The stunning handcrafted Icelandic Poppy Bouquets from Natalia Manczak are true works of art. Made from Italian crepe paper, each stem is made with a wire core so they can be adjusted and are fully recyclable.


Yellow Creatures Eye Pillow – Blästa Henriët

Mothers spend a lot of their time caring for others, but the act of self-care is important too. Give the gift of a Blästa Henriët Eye Pillow to show your appreciation and encourage her to steal moments of rest and relaxation. Ideal for use during yoga and meditation, the eye pillow is a versatile tool whether used heated or chilled.




Gift the unpredictable with Botivo – an aperitif inspired non-alcoholic drink with bittersweet herbal and citrus notes, without the hangover in the morning! Serve with soda water and a wedge of orange on the rocks for a refreshing Mother’s Day treat.