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Linen Wheat Bags

Wheat Bag.

Our wheat bag will keep you warm and cosy whilst relieving muscle tension and stiffness in joints.
It will soothe cramps and alleviate pain in a safe and natural way. 
The wheat grain filling is split into six individual pockets and gently shapes around any aching part of your body, offering targeted pain relief.
Heat in the microwave or oven to desired warmth, alternatively cool in the freezer.
100% linen cover, removable for washing. 
Assessed to meet EU health and safety requirements, CE marked.Made in England by skilled craftsmen.


Easy Care.

Our Wheat Packs are easy to care for and come with detailed care and safety instructions on the cotton tag of each product, as well as on the packaging. 

The cover can be taken off for washing in the machine or by hand. 

All Wheat Packs come unscented and are suitable for sensitive skin. A few drops of essential oil can be added after heating for the use of aromatherapy with your scent of choice.

See our care page for full care, heating and cooling instructions.